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Research and development area

Our company maintains the vanguard in technological advances by implementing new areas of development in the field of industry, the agricultural sector, the environment, education, infrastructure, among others.
Environment and Agriculture

Our commitment is the Environment and to enhance the agricultural productivity of our country.

We have a multidisciplinary group of agronomists specializing in precision agriculture, specialists in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Biologists, and Environmental Engineers.

Research and Education

Cooperative alliances with educational and government entities of our country creating tools that strengthen research in technological advances that complement specific needs of this growing sector.

Thermal imaging

We build a solution for the industry with a group of specialists in telecommunications, electronic and industrial engineers, specialists in thermography, where every day we create innovative tools that help and facilitate the oil and energy industry in our country.

OOPART - Arcangel
Regulation and responsibility

We work hand in hand with national and international entities to collaborate in the design of an inclusive and responsible regulation, taking a firm step in the growth of this sector.


OOPART SAS actively participates in the construction and revision of the RACAE State Manual of Air Regulation for Aviation Appendix 13


Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)


AUVSI Member

Its total or partial reproduction is prohibited, as well as its translation into any language without
authorization of the owner. 

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