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UAS de Fixed or rotary wing


Multipurpose systems, integrated with the best technology, tested in different scenarios and weather conditions.


Point cloud


Our Point Clouds are perfectly workable in any GIS system with centimeter precision, thanks to the fact that we have equipment that provides us with high precision.


Dual Frequency RTK GPS

Constellations GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, and SBAS

Digital Elevation Model 


Digital elevation models and grids that can be used for digital modeling.


Colorometry to define heights on the ground with great precision.


Great advantages over other types of systems such as LIDAR, lower costs, better resolution, high level of detail, results in a short time.



What is your need?
XLRS flights


Our teams have state-of-the-art professional radio links G4 G5, highly reliable to maintain control of the UAV at all times.


Video transmission in real time to facilitate reconnaissance, surveillance e inteligencia.



OOPART SAS is a Colombian company that listens to the needs of its clients regardless of the size of their project; we provide comprehensive solutions applied to UAV technology; flight platforms, imaging; software and information processing for GIS systems.




AUVSI Member

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